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The soft glow of the lanterns started to light the main strip of Omoichidou, casting faded shadows onto the ground in the light of the sun setting behind the Mikokage’s tower. Hundreds of voices, overlapped and muffled together, buzzed in the air, with the occasional yell of a booth tenant rising above it as they called to grab the attention of passersby. A thousand smells decorated the air, varying from salty to sweet, savoury to rich and spicy. There was something to suit to the tastes of everyone, enough attractions to prevent long line ups at favorite booths, and a surplus of food guaranteed to fill even the emptiest of Warashi stomachs. This was the setting of the village as the summer neared its final stages. Omoichidou was known for its festivals, which were among the liveliest in the country. It meant that not only were village residents welcome to the festivities, but its occurrence attracted a variety of tourists from the surrounding areas as well.

Because of the crowd, like at any festival, Kanmuri had had her shift at the first aid booth. The diversity in injuries always astounded her. She’d seen a poor booth owner with a dart in his leg from a civilian with very bad aim, a burnt finger on a cook from one of the food booths, and a weeping child who’d skinned his knee so badly in his rush to get a festival mask that he’d required stitches. The Byakko always enjoyed her work, however this day she had been particularly grateful when her sister had come to relieve her at the end of her shift so that the siblings could go and enjoy some of the booths together.

“Are you sure you should eat that much cotton candy, Eimi?” the younger sister inquired, inclining her head downwards slightly to glance at the pink fluff that was being held in her sister’s hands. The Mikokage scowled a bit and popped another clump into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of the pink sugar dissolving on her tongue.

“Of course, the festival is for everyone to enjoy, myself included. Besides, I’m saving some for Momo.”

Kanmuri couldn’t help but bite her lip as she smiled. Knowing her sister, the stick of air light sweetness she held in her hands would be gone in a few more minutes and she’d have to stop at a booth on the way home. Joshua’s role as priest in the festival had ended when the lanterns had been lit, allowing him to take his adopted son home. Eimi, however, was expected to be most lively in the evening when the shinobi games and tasks would be started. The medic politely shook her head and smiled at a man trying to get the two girls to come over and look at his jewellery booth.

“Step right up, test your mind against the sharpest in the village! Intelligence division here to help you discover your mind’s hidden powers! Step right up, one and all!”

The enthusiastic call from the booth owner caused Kan to glance over. As soon as she did, she almost felt bad for the shinobi that belonged to the voice she’d heard. She recognized them vaguely, a red haired chunin level kunoichi from her own clan that she’d seen around the compound now and then. From what she knew the girl was slightly younger than she was and had seemed content not to take the jounin promotion exams.

Despite the girl’s impressive enthusiastic tone, her face told another story. It was resting in one of her hands and had a bit of a bored expression painting it. Her free hand was spinning a pencil on the table top she was resting on, and after her energetic beckoning she let out a soft yawn. Eimi noticed her sister slow down slightly and stopped walking, letting Kan look over at the booth.

“You want to give it a go?” the elder Byakko asked, popping another bite of cotton candy into her mouth. Kanmuri smiled and nodded.

“Sure, why not.”

The two sisters walked over, causing the chunin to raise her eyebrows and sit up straight almost immediately, an effect the Mikokage had on most people, never mind the fact she was also this girl’s head of clan. She bowed her head slightly at the women in greeting.

“Welcome, welcome, m’ladies. Care to give your mind a workout this evening with our little test here designed by our very own Intelligence division?” She flashed them a warm smile, genuinely looking less bored and perhaps even a bit curious to see how the girls would do.

Kan looked down at the folded up papers stacked beside the red-head and raised an eyebrow a bit. “You can determine someone’s intelligence from only one piece of paper?”

The kunoichi shook her head and gave a soft smile. “Well…it’s an estimate only. After all, who’s going to sit down for a sixty minute IQ test at a festival? So? Do you want to give it a go?”

The medic glanced over at her sister who gave her an encouraging nod and a smile. “Why not; we have some time before we have to go, right?” Kanmuri nodded.

“Yeah we have some time.” Kan pulled out a few coins and paid the Intelligence division member the necessary fee and then sat down in one of the folding chairs, smoothing out her lavender festival kimono as she did. “So what, I just answer all of the questions on this card and you give me a number?”

The booth manager smiled just a bit. “Sort of. It’s actually a test that I took myself. It was made by another member of the Intelligence division. If you can beat my score of 96, you win a prize. Oh, and you only have two minutes.”

Kan’s eyes widened a bit as she looked down at the paper in front of her. “I have two minutes to answer all of this?!”

“Yep. On your mark, get set, go.” The red haired woman flipped an hourglass over on the table, signaling the start.


Kan’s fellow clan member blinked in shock at the test score in front of her.

“So? Did I pass?” Kanmuri chewed her lip as she waited for an answer. That was one of the fastest tests she had to write in a while.

Shaking her head in disbelief the girl smiled just a bit and circled a score before handing the paper back to Kan.

“Congratulations. You got a 98.”
Mind Games
Intelligence August 2013 Path Mission: Come right up and test your IQ! Can you beat the top brains of the village? It is your job to run the IQ booth. If they beat yours, recruit them. We're always looking for braniacs.


Because for past path missions if your character wasn't in that division yet, you have to make a piece based on where they were at in that point of time. So basically instead of Kan running the booth, she's just taking the test.

Kanmuri Byakko © Rikku9314
Eimi Byakko © Sorceress2000
The sky was finally clear again, for the first time in days. It was a bright blue as the sun shone down, causing a glare to come off of the snow, blinding if you looked directly at it. Kan used her hand as a visor as she looked up at the sky, baffled at how the weather could come and go so quickly. The wind was still chilly and she shivered as a light gust blew past her, stirring up some of the sparkling white powder that had settled over the village.

While the storm of the past few days had subsided, the chaos within the village certainly had not. There was far too much to do: Homes to rebuild, people to heal, food to be gathered….Kan had a feeling it would take awhile to get the village back up on its feet. While certainly not the biggest disaster the village had encountered, it had still left people without homes and there were some precious belongings that could not be restored, family heirlooms and photos among them. The loss was materialistic, but it still impacted the lives of the villagers.

Kanmuri was doing what she could. Thankfully the medics were doing their best and helping with the injured and she knew that while she was head of that division, her colleagues could more than handle the rush of injured they’d been getting. The illusionists, assassins and priests were doing their best to ensure that the villagers felt safe again, infiltration and ANBU divisions were looking for missing persons, and the weapons-users and summoners were doing everything that they could to gather supplies and rebuild the homes and buildings that had fallen victim to Mother Nature. Everyone was doing their job and more, making her heart grow warm as she was reminded of just how well the village could work together to restore their community.

Kan tried to remember back to when the storm had started. She’d woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of their window, the glass looking as though it were going to bend in from the sheer force of the wind. The pane had rattled and when Kan had gotten out of bed to investigate, the icy chill of their apartment had hit her like a rock. Reports from the night owls of the village indicated that the power had gone out around one in the morning, the blowing snow and gusts of wind starting about an hour prior to that. One hour. That’s all it had taken to cause power lines to topple and trap people in their homes from the build-up of snow.

Thinking back to even before that, the evening before it had started, Kan couldn’t honestly say she remembered even seeing a cloud in the sky. That being said…she had just gotten married the day before and there wasn’t usually much going outside at this stage in the marriage, at least not for the Yuki-Byakko’s. She blushed just a bit, thinking about it, and then shook her head, putting her mind back on the task at hand.


The familiar warm voice brought her out of her reverie and she looked up to her left, surprised to see her sister’s best friend and husband’s older brother looking down at her. As always, Hade towered and cast a shadow across his young friend; it wasn’t hard to see what clan Raiden got his extreme height from. What was almost more surprising was seeing Hade in winter gear. That had to mean it was cold. Hade was not one to cover up and usually preferred showing off his “manly body”, or so he would say. But the Kobiru clan leader today was covered from head to toe in winter gear. A lavender scarf that matched his mittens was wrapped around his neck. His deep navy blue hair was peeking out from under the toque that was placed slightly lopsided on his head and black boots that went up to his knees made the snow crunch as he shifted slightly, waiting for Kan’s answer.

“Hade,” she stated, cranking her neck to look up at him. “Weren’t you helping the others search for the missing villagers?” she questioned, tilting her head a bit.

The Kobiru nodded, his face oddly serious for him. Hade was a very lively man, usually very animated when he spoke. Flourishing facial expressions and vibrant, and sometimes inappropriate, physical gestures usually accompanied his speech. When Hade was like this however, everyone knew that the damage done to the village was serious, and this was not the time for his normal demeanour.

“Thankfully everyone has been fully accounted for at this time. What are you doing here though, Kan-Kan? Shouldn’t you be with the other medics at the first aid tent?”

The usual use of his nickname for Kan helped ease her mind a little that maybe things were getting a bit better.

She shook her head, her hair loose about her shoulders and slightly messy from the wind that had whipped it around as she’d been standing and trying to study the village’s weather patterns for the past fifteen minutes. “They’re doing very well on their own over there, I was mostly just supervising. I thought that I could perhaps be of more use doing…something else.” She looked up at the sky.  “So I thought maybe I’d try and remember what the weather was like before the storm came to help better predict when another might be coming….”

“Isn’t the intelligence division researching the weather patterns to help prepare for next time?” Hade rested his elbow on Kan’s head and leaned his head against his hand, using his younger friend as an armrest. He gazed up at the sky meaningfully, as if discovering the meaning of life. Kan merely chuckled.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do my part to help them too, now does it?”

Besides, in times of crises none of the villagers cared about which division you were in.

It was up to everyone to make sure that next time, they were prepared.
After The Storm
January Intelligence Path Mission: Even though the storm was over, there was no telling when this kind of thing would happen again. Use your sharps minds and calculate the possibility of when another storm might take place while monitoring everyone's movements. It's never a bad thing to be prepared for the next time.

So yeah. Kan is keeping tabs on what the other divisions are doing and trying to remember what the weather was like before the storm happened to predict it for next time xD Bad writing is bad.....

Kanmuri Byakko © Rikku9314
Hade Kobiru © Sorceress2000


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a nerdy 20 year old girl who loves video games, anime and manga :XD: It was in the fall of '08 that I discovered DA and began realizing that hey, people draw and write based off of all the series I love! I promptly made an account and began uploading wallpapers and photomanipulations, mostly of Final Fantasy of Naruto (most of which have since been deleted, although I reuploaded a few). One day I discovered a fanfiction written by Sorceress2000 on NejiTen and was ecstatic when I soon after discovered that she had many more based on that couple. Just from finding her I was thrown into the online Naruto fanbase and have since met many great people on this fantastic website.

I discovered after reading Evy's pieces that I really wanted to try my hand at fanfiction and soon found out that I really enjoyed it. You'll find that that folder is the most full in my gallery, and it is still my preferred form of art. I've also been using Photoshop for the past six or so years and still enjoy making wallpapers and photo-manipulations on occasion. I also really enjoyed editing videos and making GMVs/AMVs. I hit a video block a couple years ago that is still ongoing so I don't really do that much anymore. However if you wish you can look up my YouTube account, which is also under the name Rikku9314.

My favorite fandoms are Final Fantasy X/XIII and Naruto, and you'll find that that is what most (if not all) of my deviations are of.

As for real life hobbies, one of my passions is horseback riding although I rarely get to do so anymore. Real life just got in the way =P I do have a great friend, Silumeo who lets me come out and ride her horse now and then and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I adore all animals (except spiders) and also love biology and have decided that I want both to be included in my career. I am currently taking Animal Health Technology and am loving it so far, despite the ridiculously hard workload.

Some of my drawing poses are courtesy of SenshiStock. She always seems to have just what I'm looking for!

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