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Kanmuri Byakko Stat Boosting 2015 by Rikku9314
Kanmuri Byakko Stat Boosting 2015
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Home Life     &      Day in the Sun

Kanmuri Original Stats
Ninjutstu: 5
Taijutsu: 2
Genjutsu: 3
Intelligence: 4
Force: 2
Speed: 4
Stamina: 2.5
Seals: 3.5
Total: 26

Kanmuri 1st Boosting
Ninjutstu: 5
Taijutsu: 3
Genjutsu: 3
Intelligence: 4.5
Force: 2.5
Speed: 4.5
Stamina: 3.5
Seals: 4
Total: 30

Kanmuri :star: New :star: Stats
Ninjutstu: 5
Taijutsu: 3.5
Genjutsu: 3.5
Intelligence: 5
Force: 3.5
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4.5
Seals: 5
Total: 35

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Kanmuri rocked the bassinet in the nursery slowly, humming softly as she did. A slight smile crept onto her face as she took in a breath, watching as her son’s eyes at last started to close. The familiar scent of him, that wonderful baby smell of powder and milk, filled her nose and warmed her to her toes as she kneeled beside the sleeping basket, trying to lull Natsu to sleep for the night. She kept her singing voice low and even, reaching down and caressing her son’s cheek with the back of her hand gently. Her mother’s heart swelled slightly as his little face turned to rest against said hand, his long lashed eyes at last closing. She watched him for several more minutes, the way his hands and feet would twitch slightly, fingers grasping instinctively like all babies did when they dreamed.

It was hard to imagine that he had been in their lives already for almost a year. He was smaller than most 12 month old babies, naturally due to his early entrance into the world, but he was just as strong. He was crawling and pulling himself up to stand in his crib and play pen, no doubt indicating walking was right around the corner. Their child had also said his first word recently, “Mama”, which the incredulous parents had at first denied was really what he was saying, and not just baby noises. However, the way he reached for Kanmuri when he said it affirmed that he did in fact know exactly what it was he saying. Raiden had been a bit jealous at first, naturally; Kan couldn’t deny that she would have been as well had his first word been “Dada”, but he’d been overjoyed when the very next week he’d pointed at the blue-haired swordsman and matter-of-factly shouted out “Dada”.

The medic smiled as her son cooed in his sleep. Satisfied that he was out for the night she stood up quietly, ceasing her humming and rocking of the bassinet. She tiptoed out of the room and, with one last glance at Natsu, quietly shut the door, leaving him to his dreams. She chuckled softly as she headed to the kitchen to clean up from her day. For whatever reason, he had been a bit needy today, crying whenever she left the room. He’d played the usual baby games of tossing his new fox toy out of his play pen while she attempted to get paperwork done,  crying when she wouldn’t toss it back in, and yet throwing them it one more time if she did give them back to him. Even his everyday bedtime routine had been a challenge. His bath had been an ordeal of its own, kicking and screaming in his bathing seat the entire time while Kan tried un-relentlessly to wash the small wisp of his light auburn on the top of his head and scrub his delicate skin with the gentle baby soap, removing some pureed food he’d spilled on himself earlier in the day.

Bedtime had been another matter altogether. Kanmuri had put Natsu in his crib as usual, kissing him goodnight, and turned to leave only to hear him screaming. While normally they would allow Natsu to calm down and soothe himself to sleep, this night he had continued to wail for an hour. Kan had had to return and only with the switch to his bassinet as opposed to the crib and his mother’s singing had he finally decided he was okay with the idea of falling asleep.

Nothing in Kan’s shinobi training had prepared her for this test of strength of being a mother.

She sighed a bit as she looked at the mess that was her house. She’d been left with no downtime to clean it that day. The kitchen and living room were open concept, so the messes from each separate room seemed only to make the entirety of the disaster that much worse. Their house looked as though one of Kan’s tornadoes had whipped through it several times, tossing food, dishes, clothes, and toys in every which direction.

The medic tiredly strode over to the couch and shoved aside a few teething rings and some of the papers from work she’d been trying to do and lay down, letting out an exhausted sigh. Raiden wouldn’t be home for several more hours; he’d been out of town on a mission and wasn’t expected back until the early hours of the morning. Kasai’s bell could be heard as the cat came trotting over, dodging around the minefield that was the floor before jumping up and curling up on Kanmuri’s stomach. Kan pet the grey cat’s back absentmindedly as she felt her own eyes start to close.

Tomorrow…she would worry about cleaning up tomorrow….

When the medic next opened her eyes it was dark and she was feeling herself being lowered down onto something. Her head hit something soft and she took in a deep breath as she realized she was being moved to bed. Her eyes opened a bit more widely, her vision clearing and adjusting to the dim light and watched as Raiden walked away, clearly not having noticed that he had inadvertently awoken his wife as he moved her from the couch to the bedroom. She smiled softly, waking up more now and she rolled onto her side, propping up her head with her hand and watching her husband walk over to their dresser. She watched as he started to take off his mission gear, first his headband, dropping it next to his pack on the floor. His jacket was next, revealing his broad shoulders as his back faced her, it too landing on the floor.

It was as Raiden had finished lifting his shirt up from over his head, leaving him naked on top, that Kan made her consciousness known.

“Hm…nice view to wake up to.”

Raiden turned around, and blinked, an expression of slight surprise on his face as his eyes settled on her in the dark. He smiled after a moment though. “I didn’t realize you were awake.” The weapons specialist continued to undress, stripped down to his boxers and leaving it there before coming to climb into bed with this wife. Kanmuri didn’t mind when her husband decided to forgo his pyjamas.

Raiden moved to hover over her a bit, one hand on either side of her head and he leaned down and kissed her softly. The medic’s arms reached up, wrapping around her husband’s neck and pulling him down closer against her, longing for more contact. He had only been gone for two days but already Kan had missed his touch: The soft way he ran his free hand through her curls as she opened her mouth to his, deepening the kiss. The way he then moved said hand downwards, resting it softly on her waist. Or the naughty way he moved his hand inwards to the center of her stomach and then downwards slightly, teasing as his fingertips reached underneath the hem of her lounging shorts.

Kanmuri pulled back, a bit breathless and her mouth dry from the kissing, feeling a blazing in her core as she looked up at her smirking husband. He grinned and leaned down, his lips ghosting up her shoulder to her neck, and then upwards towards her ear where she could feel his soft warm breath against her skin, causing goosebumps to follow the trail he was making.

Kan took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, and spoke two words before leaning up and forcing their mouths to capture one another once more.

“Mmm…welcome home…”
Home Life
Damn it guys, you're gonna wake the baby! -wink wink-

Short blurb on home life for the Yuki-Byakkos now with their little one (WHO IS ALMOST A YEAR OLD WHAT WHERE DID THE TIME GO), with just a little bit of gentle smut. I stop before anything really happens though ;)

Stamina: A gentle caresss // kitchen // downtime // dry mouth // nursery // kiss // closer
Seals: Naughty // Love // Contact
Genjutsu: Blazing // Dream // A Familiar scent // touch
Force: New Toy // Shout // Test Your Strength // Scrub // Remove


Kanmuri Byakko © Rikku9314
Raiden Yuki © kelsanity
Natsu Yuki-Byakko © kelsanity
It was a peaceful, gentle atmosphere the medic found herself in for once. No husbands, no children, no hospitals; she could just focus on herself and relax; at least for several hours. Raiden had taken Natsu home, letting Kan know that he would watch him so that the mother could have a few hours of peace and quiet, no worry of responsibilities, at least for a little while. She could hear the sea birds calling above her, speaking out to one another as they found some kind of delicious scrap of leftover food from a tourist.  The soft sound of the surf lapping up on the shore was soothing, though a large splash and an outcry from a young child who had undoubtedly suffered some kind of sibling attack, was far from it. Kan scrunched her face a little bit, blocking out the sound and taking in a big breath, her mind trying to focus on the crashing waves once more, letting her mind take ease.

The medic was lying on her towel on the beach, stretched out in her bathing suit as she soaked in the blazing sun’s glow; she had put away the umbrella for the day, forgoing any kind of shade in hopes of maybe achieving some kind of a tan. It was rather uncommon to find the medic at such a place; she loathed sand. It was too coarse and grainy, and it got everywhere.  She had a towel, as well as several thin blankets surrounding her to help avoid her skin’s contact with the annoying substance. But the rest she loved; she loved watching the light of the sun shine off of the surface of the water, soaking in the sunshine as much as she could. The nice weather would not last long; autumn was just around the corner.

The yells and the splashing had ceased and she found herself starting to drift off, her body easing up again as she took in the sounds and smells around her, relishing in the sun’s warmth. That is, until she felt something slimy on her stomach, bare from her two piece bathing suit. Kan opened her eyes, annoyed to see what was causing this disturbance in her peaceful day of relaxation.

She came face to face with none other than Narashi Fujihara. He stood beside her, casually, as if he was meant to be creepily staring at her this whole time, while dangling a piece of seaweed over her stomach.

“Oh good. I thought you were dead,” was his reply when he noticed her looking up at him through her sunglasses. She gave the assassin an irritated look and sat up, causing Narashi to back up and blessedly get rid of the seaweed.

“Was that really necessary?” she asked, rubbing her eyes underneath the glasses, waking up a bit now from that rude interruption.

Narashi shrugged and helped himself to sitting down on one of the towels next to her. “Nope.” No elaboration, no explanation…that was Narashi. He did things because he wanted to; no other reason. The medic sighed just a bit, realizing that she wasn’t going to get much more out of him than what he’d already given. She took her towel and wiped the slime off of her belly as the two stayed silent for a few moments. Kanmuri glanced over at Narashi who was staring at the water with a bored expression on his face. He wasn’t moving, looking like a statue aside from his ebony hair that moved slightly in the breeze.

His somewhat frozen exterior was a contrast to the heat of the summer that surrounded them. Kanmuri and Narashi’s relationship was a strange one. The medic wasn’t entirely sure that they were friends, but their animosity towards one another certainly wasn’t as strong as it once had been. It helped that they shared a common bond: her former student, Masaru. For his sake at least the two had formed a kind of alliance with each other. They had each had a turn saving the other’s life as well; Kan several years ago when Narashi had been several days late returning from a mission and she’d been sent to find him. She’d found him unconscious, completely drained of chakra and as good as dead had any enemies stumbled upon him in that state. He, on the other hand had not only saved her life, but her son’s when she’d fallen almost a year ago, forcing her into premature labour.


That was the word she felt most suited her and Narashi’s relationship. Kanmuri looked out at the rest of the beach to try and see if there was anything of interest that would keep the boy’s attention for this long. A few children were running up and down the beach and across the boardwalk. Their little feet made footprints in the sand as they searched for sea shells and sand dollars. Several were playing in the lathery bubbles that the surf was creating as it washed in and out. The daylight wasn’t going to last long though; already Kan could see that the sun was starting to sink slightly in the sky, meaning soon the families would be going home, giving her a bit more time to herself.

A sharp slap against her back brought her back reeling from her daydreams, and reminded her that she was not, in fact, alone. An intense stinging sensation tingled across her skin and she turned to glare at the Fujihara.

“Seriously?!” Kan asked, spitting the words at him and throwing her hands up in exasperation as Narashi smirked.

“Looks like you have yourself a little sunburn. Should have put on more lotion.”

In reality Kan had lathered on the suntan lotion several times over throughout the day to protect herself. Her complexion naturally was incredibly delicate, so she’d tried to be careful. She knew that if she was going to tan, it would only be a minimal amount from the layers of sunscreen, but it would still be something. Still, somehow yet again, she had only managed to burn. The medic groaned just a bit and took off her sunglasses to get a better look at the damage. Even in the fading daylight it was obvious that she was turning an only slightly faded shade of tomato.

“Perfect, just perfect,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Oh, there’s more,” the bored voice of her unwanted companion sounded from beside her and Kan turned to look at him hesitantly, already flinching at whatever comment he was going to make next.

The Narashi gestured to Kan’s discarded sunglasses and then up to her burnt face…at least burnt in all but one spot, smirking slightly.

“Congratulations, you now resemble a racoon.”
Day in the Sun
Working on boosting Kan and also gonna start trying to go over some of Kan's relationships. Narashi gets to be first because I've had this idea of this interaction since we decided on a beach arc. Just kind of an inside thing of Narashi calling a certain Byakko clan member a racoon...and this opportunity to do so to Kan was just too perfect to pass up. Just, Narashi was probably bored because Masaru left or something so he decided it would be fun to harass Kan :XD: I dunno. Anyways, I hope I wrote him okay xD I think this is the first piece with him I've written that wasn't based off of a RP so...-fingers crossed- Let me know Tam xD

Taijutsu: Towel // Swimsuit // Crashing Waves // Face to Face// Feet
Genjutsu: Shine
Intelligence: Bird Calls // Sand Dollars // Bubbles // Surf // Glasses
Force: Sunburn // Boardwalk // Glow // Delicate // Slap
Speed: Relax // Sunshine // Hands Up // Silent // Statue
Stamina: Blazing Sun // Frozen // Friends
Seals: Seaweed // Sea Shells // Umbrella // Splash // Bond // Daylight // Protect


Kanmuri Byakko © Rikku9314
Raiden Yuki + Natsu Yuki-Byakko © kelsanity
Narashi Fujihara © Taminki
Masaru Yoshida (mentioned) © ChasingTheDreamAgain


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a nerdy 20 year old girl who loves video games, anime and manga :XD: It was in the fall of '08 that I discovered DA and began realizing that hey, people draw and write based off of all the series I love! I promptly made an account and began uploading wallpapers and photomanipulations, mostly of Final Fantasy of Naruto (most of which have since been deleted, although I reuploaded a few). One day I discovered a fanfiction written by Sorceress2000 on NejiTen and was ecstatic when I soon after discovered that she had many more based on that couple. Just from finding her I was thrown into the online Naruto fanbase and have since met many great people on this fantastic website.

I discovered after reading Evy's pieces that I really wanted to try my hand at fanfiction and soon found out that I really enjoyed it. You'll find that that folder is the most full in my gallery, and it is still my preferred form of art. I've also been using Photoshop for the past six or so years and still enjoy making wallpapers and photo-manipulations on occasion. I also really enjoyed editing videos and making GMVs/AMVs. I hit a video block a couple years ago that is still ongoing so I don't really do that much anymore. However if you wish you can look up my YouTube account, which is also under the name Rikku9314.

My favorite fandoms are Final Fantasy X/XIII and Naruto, and you'll find that that is what most (if not all) of my deviations are of.

As for real life hobbies, one of my passions is horseback riding although I rarely get to do so anymore. Real life just got in the way =P I do have a great friend, Silumeo who lets me come out and ride her horse now and then and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I adore all animals (except spiders) and also love biology and have decided that I want both to be included in my career. I am currently taking Animal Health Technology and am loving it so far, despite the ridiculously hard workload.

Some of my drawing poses are courtesy of SenshiStock. She always seems to have just what I'm looking for!

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