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Builders Guild Symbol by Rikku9314
Builders Guild Symbol
Symbol for the Builders Guild in :iconjoralyal:. The guild is located in the province of Varanend, where the Luxoveaner are the primary race. This race began when a group of elves from the Land of Earth were exiled to the Land of Water. There they mated with the Naiads to create the Luxoveaner; the mudmen. This guild originated in the race of Luxoveaner, who retained some of the qualities of their elf ancestors, such as they are very in tune with the earth. Therefore the Builders Guild believes in using elements of the earth in their craft. This is represented with the tree in the symbol, and then there is a hammer within the tree.

    “Get Raiden!”


    The screamed order was shrill and terrible sounding, more desperate than anything she’d ever said in her life before. Narashi was out of sight as she was wheeled around the corner, but not before she saw his face as he started to turn. He would get her husband. She trusted him.


    An unbearable wave of pain rushed through her again, bringing her back to the present. Someone screamed and it wasn’t until she realized that the hallway was empty that it had escaped from her own lips. Nothing had ever hurt like this before. It was a searing burning, like a hot flame from within her trying to engulf her from the inside out. Everything about it terrified her. Her baby…their baby….


    “Kanmuri-san,” a calm voice called from above her. The medic’s frantic eyes looked up at the source of the voice. Dr. Ikusei hovered above her as she was rapidly raced down the hallway towards the surgical ward. Kanmuri’s doctor’s face was calm, her smile soft, but her eyes told a different story and it did nothing to soothe the Byakko’s mind. “Everything will be alright, we’re going to take care of you both.”


    Everything was going to be alright? How could that be possible? Something was terribly, terribly wrong. She was only six months along, give or take…he was nowhere near ready to come into the world yet. She could still feel blood pouring out of her…he could be drowning in it. How could she say everything was alright? Nothing was alright.


    Narashi was right, she was such an idiot. A walk. That’s all she had wanted. She hadn’t even realized where was heading until she was already there. She’d smiled when she’d seen him practicing beyond the trees, half out of a sort of jealousy that she hadn’t been able to perform any jutsu in six months, since finding out she was pregnant. Using jutsu while pregnant was extremely dangerous for a kunoichi with a myriad of risks and complications it posed to both the mother and fetus: abortion, improper development of the baby’s chakra system, and permanent damage to the mother’s network, to name a few. She’d been so careful not to even heal the smallest cut or create the smallest flame on her finger. But why had she had to get so close to his training grounds? It was stupid. She’d fallen, landed on him. Not even a mother yet and already she was struggling to take care of him.


    Voices whirled around her. Occasionally the lights seemed to fade slightly, her eyelids drooping as her body tried to protect her mind from the trauma, but each time another scorching pain would wrack her body and she’d be pulled back to the surface. She could hear herself screaming each time, but each time it seemed hard to believe that it was really her making that raw, animalistic noise.


    She was on an operating table, she registered, right after she’d been lifted up and placed back down onto another table. A mask was over her face, but she knew it was just oxygen. Anesthetic was too risky to give to her because it could hurt her baby too.

    “Natsu…,” she whispered his name almost groggily as she barely felt a small pinch, such a small pain compared to what she’d had to endure up to this point. A nurse next to her squeezed her hand and offered words of reassurance and encouragement, but Kanmuri hardly recognized them. Why wasn’t Raiden there yet?


    Suddenly there was blessed relief. A numbness began to tingle in her abdomen…someone must be putting the fire out. She let out a bit of a sigh, relieved at the momentary ease of pain. There was still discomfort, pressure, a kind of aching, but nothing was burning anymore. The relief however brought her clarity. Her eyes widened a bit as she tried to lift her head up, but saw only a sheet separating her from whatever was happening below her waist. Gentle hands smoothed over her arms and for a second her heart leapt at the thought it might be Raiden. She glanced up at the nurse’s face above her and disappointment flooded through her as she saw her instead of her husband.


    “What’s happening…?” Kan managed to hoarse it out, but the nurse merely shook her head, still smiling behind her mask and told Kan not to worry. The medic furrowed her brow as she recognized the expression. She’d used it herself to calm family down when things were not looking optimistic. That’s what was happening now.


     But then, on top of everything else, all of the monitors beeping, the hospital staff talking, the doctors calling things out to one another she heard two words clearly.


    “He’s out.”


    Kan’s eyes widened and she immediately tried to sit up again, soft hands holding her down so she couldn’t see. Her eyes managed to catch a glance of a doctor carrying her child away from her, placing him on a table on the other side of the surgical suite. She was a kunoichi, she should be able to fight against these civilian’s grips holding her down, but she found her body was heavy and she was exhausted. That didn’t stop her from calling out.


    “Where is he? Can I see him? Is he alright? Why isn’t he crying?!”


    She was screaming again, but no one would answer her, frantic voices were calling from behind the curtain separating her from the truth. It didn’t even register to her that Natsu not breathing wasn’t the only thing that was wrong.


    She could hear things being yelled out at once. “Damn it, the bleeding isn’t stopping.” “He’s still not breathing.”


    Kan’s head shot up again at the second sentence. “You have to DO something!”


    “Put her under, now!” a firm voice called out above all the rest.


    No…no, no I have to see him, please don’t….she thought to herself, but she couldn’t speak anymore. Her body was growing heavier by the second. Her eyes were closing despite how much she tried to will them open. Her tongue was thick and she could no longer speak. She felt the resistance against her arms from the nurses ease up as her body relaxed against the operating table. Everything faded to black.





This is SO VERY LATE. I owe an apology to Taminki. She, myself, and kelsanity RPed this event out back in September, and then we kept asking Tami if she was done her part yet, and then she finished, and then...I totally dropped the ball and didn't do my part, thus not allowing Kelsey to do her part. Sorry to both of them. :( I've had no inspiration to do anything art related in months, close to a year so even this small piece was difficult to do. Anyways, it's done now. This is the second installment in the story of Natsu's very eventful entrance into this world.

I would like to thank Sorceress2000 for giving me some motivation and inspiration. Recently her character gave birth as well and reading the fics really motivated me to get on this, especially since technically Natsu was born on September 21st of last I said. Late.

Part 1:  HSV: The End of SummerNarashi was out at the training compounds. It was the 21st september. Somehow, being with his 'little' team now, he felt the need to become stronger. Those kids learned way too fast, they would catch up in no time. Chakra training seemed to be most important now, after all he got a horrible beating from Masaru which was mostly due to Masaru's strong Ninjutsu attacks. The physical aspect he could parry easily, the chakra and endurance aspect not. So it was time to catch up.
He made sure noone was around before picking a spot near the entrance of the training compound, a free area without trees around that could accidentally catch fire. Satisfied with his choice, he started with easier flame jutsus. The pink flame bullet first. It was his sister's signature technique and the first one he copied from her. Even though her version was way more refined and impressive. By now, there was noone here who could compare that anymore. But he decided not to overdo it. He didn't have a lot of stamina

Narashi © Taminki
Raiden © kelsanity
Dr. Ikusei © kelsanity + myself
Natsu © kelsanity + myself
Kanmuri © myself


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a nerdy 20 year old girl who loves video games, anime and manga :XD: It was in the fall of '08 that I discovered DA and began realizing that hey, people draw and write based off of all the series I love! I promptly made an account and began uploading wallpapers and photomanipulations, mostly of Final Fantasy of Naruto (most of which have since been deleted, although I reuploaded a few). One day I discovered a fanfiction written by Sorceress2000 on NejiTen and was ecstatic when I soon after discovered that she had many more based on that couple. Just from finding her I was thrown into the online Naruto fanbase and have since met many great people on this fantastic website.

I discovered after reading Evy's pieces that I really wanted to try my hand at fanfiction and soon found out that I really enjoyed it. You'll find that that folder is the most full in my gallery, and it is still my preferred form of art. I've also been using Photoshop for the past six or so years and still enjoy making wallpapers and photo-manipulations on occasion. I also really enjoyed editing videos and making GMVs/AMVs. I hit a video block a couple years ago that is still ongoing so I don't really do that much anymore. However if you wish you can look up my YouTube account, which is also under the name Rikku9314.

My favorite fandoms are Final Fantasy X/XIII and Naruto, and you'll find that that is what most (if not all) of my deviations are of.

As for real life hobbies, one of my passions is horseback riding although I rarely get to do so anymore. Real life just got in the way =P I do have a great friend, Silumeo who lets me come out and ride her horse now and then and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I adore all animals (except spiders) and also love biology and have decided that I want both to be included in my career. I am currently taking Animal Health Technology and am loving it so far, despite the ridiculously hard workload.

Some of my drawing poses are courtesy of SenshiStock. She always seems to have just what I'm looking for!

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